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Zuoan Explosion Proof Camera

When your company have extremely hazardous area such like petrolchemical plant, LNG plant.,etc. You need explosion proof camera.As we know,the right monitoring can save the lives of workers and company assets. We need visual information to monitor and safeguard all over the harzardous area.

Our Zuoan can supply the right explosion proof camera for you. We have more than 12 years experience on this line. Every product will be extremely tested bofore delivery to guarantee the quality. Be assured you can get all the visual information such like images and vedio.It will save your time and money at last.

Our Zuoan product has got the Atex and IECEx certification.IECEx is an international standard, while the ATEX directive was created to protect workers from explosive risks and provide common standards for equipment traded within the EU.

The main products:

1.CZ100-A   Atex explosion proof camera With Wiper

2.CZ100-B  Atex Explosion Proof Camera

3.CZ610-A   Atex Explosion Proof PTZ IR Camera

4.CZ610-B   Atex explosion proof ptz camera

Feature of Zuoan explosion proof camera

· Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316L

· For extreme temperatures (-25ºC to +60ºC)

· Atex and IECEx certification

· Shock and vibration resistant - ideal for offshore use

· Automatic IR for excellent view in the night

· Optional: heater, wiper stem,power module,defrost and more.