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Waterproof, lightning protection of explosion proof camera

In the application of monitoring management system technology, explosion proof cameras are distributed in various front-end development environments, of which one outdoor occupies a large proportion.
Due to various weather factors, outdoor cameras often have infrared night vision, waterproof, anti-fog, rain, snow and other functions. In the event of heavy rain, it is particularly important to prepare the monitoring system equipment in advance.

1、what kind of environmental explosion proof camera needs to be cleaned:

Water mist, when the explosion proof camera is working, the temperature changes greatly, and it is easy to appear water mist, especially in the rainy season The formation of fog and frost is due to the saturation of temperature and humidity in the air and the condensation of water vapor during cooling, and the low temperature environment is strong and weak to condense into frost and fog respectively.
Dust, the camera works in the environment of high humidity and dust, the window glass of the protective cover is easy to develop dirt, causing the light entering the camera to be blocked, leading the lens can not shoot the object, directly through affecting the video data acquisition and processing effect.

The solution is to add a wiper to the protective cover and clean the glass by controlling the wiper. To solve a serious problem of fog and dirt on a explosion proof camera.

2、 Lightning protection of explosion proof camera:

In the video surveillance management system, the video surveillance technology center is often the place where the network video surveillance video is processed, so its lightning protection is particularly important. Simply saying, the video surveillance center lightning protection should use direct lightning protection, radio wave intrusion lightning protection, equipment input and output port set voltage limiting protection circuit.
From the point of view of direct lightning protection work, the video monitoring management center problem building should prevent direct lightning rod, lightning belt or lightning net. When the overhead cable is directly introduced, the lightning arrester should be installed at the entrance of the house, and the voltage limiting protection circuit should be set up.