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Explosion proof cameras application: why some places must use explosion proof products

Many friends have a doubt of explosion proof cameras : why do we need to use explosion proof cameras? Ordinary cameras can not instead of the explosion proof cameras? I would like to say that all things are produced, there is his own reasoning. First of all, let's understand the birth of explosion proof cameras.

The initial demand for explosion proof electrical equipment is from the coal mine, because there is gas under the coal mine, easy to cause an explosion or combustion.

With the development of industry, the demand for explosion proof electrical equipment expanded to various fields - petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, maritime, aerospace, metallurgy, research and military industries and so on. The demand is even greater, the requirements are different and more targeted, especially as the rapid development of the petrochemical industry has accelerated the development of explosion proof industrial monitoring products and a large number of electrical devices have been adopted for production.

The use of electrical equipment, safety equipment and lighting fixtures are also inevitably generated in the general case allows electric sparks, arcs and high temperatures, but due to site conditions and other factors, the concentration of explosive hazardous mixtures may continue to rise, reaching a certain concentration when the source of detonation - electric sparks, arcs and high temperature detonation, the consequences are unthinkable.

In recent years there have been many explosive accidents, we can find this information on the Internet

petroleum, chemical, gunpowder, natural gas and many other industrial enterprises or research departments, in the process of experimentation, production, processing, transport and storage, often may leak and spill a variety of flammable, explosive gases, liquids and a variety of dust and fibres, such substances mixed with air, will become susceptible to explosive hazards of the mixture, it is surrounded by places that have become dangerous places of varying degrees of explosion. When the concentration of explosive materials to reach the critical point of explosion, once the detonation source will produce an explosion, fire and other serious accidents, resulting in casualties and property damage.

So the application in these places of the camera, motorized head, junction box and other equipment installed in the hazardous area must be explosion proof; and electrical explosion proof type can be divided into explosion proof, intrinsically safe, cast type and so on explosion proof. Most of the explosion proof cameras on the market today are of the explosion proof type, which is the most direct and economical type of explosion proof. Zuoan explosion proof cameras, explosion proof high-speed ball, explosion proof junction boxes and other explosion proof monitoring equipment are also used in the structure of the explosion proof type.

So in the industries we have mentioned above is it necessary to use explosion proof equipment in all segments? The answer is no. In fact, as long as the front-end equipment uses high-level explosion proof equipment to ensure maximum safety, the back-end is not a big problem.

What does the front-end equipment contain? Let's say explosion proof cameras, explosion proof dome cameras, explosion proof junction boxes and other such equipment must be installed in the field belongs to the front-end equipment. The monitoring room can be located in a safe area, so the monitoring room equipment can be used for conventional equipment, which can effectively reduce costs.

In high-risk environments, it is best to use equipment that meets international standards for explosion proof products, which are safe, reliable and reassuring to use. Zuoan explosion proof cameras are widely used in high-risk areas such as petroleum, chemical, natural gas and military industries, and are certified by the international ATEX & IECEx.