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The reasons and solutions for the unclear picture of explosion proof infrared camera

With the increasing demand for night vision monitoring in CCTV surveillance system engineering, explosion proof infrared cameras have entered the main market of cameras. The problems in the application of infrared night vision technology are gradually exposed, and the camera picture is often not clear. According to experience, there are six reasons for the unclear picture of ordinary explosion proof infrared cameras:


1.Snowflake problem caused by insufficient current

Some outdoor short-distance centralized 12V power supply is more convenient, but long-distance centralized 12V power supply should not use switching power supply. First, the long-distance infrared lamp generates a lot of heat, and the unstable 12V power supply may lead to insufficient power. There is no built-in heat dissipation device, and it is easy to burn out in the case of unstable current. Second, the current decay speed is fast, which may cause the infrared lamp to not work properly. The CCD has high illumination and cannot get the auxiliary light of the infrared lamp, so the snow drifts.

2.Handcraft problem

Many times the manual installation, infrared light is not focused, scattered light is gone. Scattered light leads to light everywhere, a gray phenomenon. Infrared light before the cotton file light is not tight, so it is a vast phenomenon.

3. Infrared lamp quality is poor, infrared lamp angle and infrared distance and lens does not match, resulting in snow point

In order to facilitate their own purchase and installation, many companies use a variety of different angles of the lamps. The advantage of this use is that they can hardly use different millimeter-sized lenses for the same light. The disadvantage is that it always gives the impression that the angle and distance of the lamp is not suitable for the lens. When the distance does not match, for example, with a 12MM lens, but with 10 to 20 meters of light, there will be a gray phenomenon, a blur in the distance, nearby snowflakes.

4.the circuit design is not reasonable

Explosion proof infrared camera manufacturers not only to install infrared lamps directly into the camera, but also need to redesign and aging of the camera circuit before installation. But many small processing plants on the market with cheap electronic components, buy cheap infrared lamps, direct soldering with a soldering iron, no need to redesign or aging circuit. Other factories doing low-end products in order to save money, the control circuit of the control board removed or integrated with the light board, easy to cause the infrared lamp because of unstable current and heat, so that the poor quality of infrared lights can not work properly.

5. The built-in camera is of poor quality and the illumination is extremely high

Many explosion proof camera factories artificially increase the sensitivity of the CCD in order to obtain a brighter image under the same auxiliary light as the infrared lamp. Because many manufacturers use very poor quality built-in camera for price competition, this camera in the infrared light fill light is not brighter, so artificially increased the CCD gain sensitivity, just like we increase the brightness on the hard disk recorder, prone to snowflake phenomenon.

6.It may be in the outdoor dusty environment

Especially in the field, it is possible that the infrared light in the camera to the naked eye can not see the tiny particles shot out.It is not obvious to the naked eye and the camera if the infrared light is not turned on during the day. This phenomenon is caused by the environment.


1. Choose a highly stable transformer to solve the problem of insufficient current, test the voltage and current with a multimeter to ensure that the infrared lamp works properly.

2. Use high-quality infrared light. This is important,if infrared light is not good, the good current is useless.

3. Replace the poor quality camera inside. Perhaps the camera illumination is extremely high, in the case of low outdoor brightness, easy to occur snowflake. so you need to use black and white cameras or color to black cameras.

4. Adopt double filter or double glass structure to improve the intake of infrared light at night and avoid the influence of water mist on the lens.