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Explosion proof surveillance camera working principle

With the development of science and technology, some special industry monitoring also has special requirements, chemical, petroleum, coal and other occupational environment with risk of explosive gases or dust, and therefore the installation of explosion proof cameras is very necessary to ensure the safety of industrial production environment, is the primary meaning of the existence of explosion proof surveillance cameras. For example, now the factory is paying more and more attention to safety,explosion proof cameras play a important role, so let's talk about explosion proof surveillance camera working principle 

explosion proof cameras belong to the explosion-proof monitoring products, is the explosion-proof industry and monitoring industry crossover products, because conventional camera products can't be used in a high-risk combustible, explosive site. need to have explosion-proof function and have the relevant certificates issued by the national authority of the product to be called explosion proof cameras.
Explosion proof camera principle of work: explosion proof camera principle of work to inhibit the generation and occurrence of the four elements of the explosion to do electrical products in the high-risk environment still work normally, the four elements of the explosion are.
1.the site has combustible gases, dust and mixtures and constitute a certain concentration.
2. the site has sufficient oxygen and combustible combustion reaction.
3.the site has sufficient temperature can cause the mixture in the oxygen combustion reaction.
4.the site space is small enough to make the heat of combustion after a short period of time to gather a certain concentration or even blast.
In the current explosion proof camera market, explosion proof  cameras can be divided into: intrinsically safe, positive pressure type, explosion-proof type.

Intrinsically safe is to limit the energy in the circuit to start with, the camera internal through reliable control of circuit parameters to reduce the potential spark energy to ignite the specified gas mixture energy below, the wire and component surface heating temperature is limited to the specified ignition temperature of the gas mixture below. All circuits within the camera are made up of intrinsically safe circuits that are not capable of igniting the specified explosive atmosphere under the standard conditions (both normal operation and specified fault conditions) by any electrical sparks or any thermal effects.

The "positive pressure" explosion proof version is one in which a continuous supply of air or an inert gas is maintained inside the camera to restrict the flammable mixture from entering the camera through the housing.

The most popular explosion proof  camera on the market today is an 'explosion proof' explosion proof type, which is the camera may ignite explosive gas mixtures of components all enclosed in a explosion proof camera housing, the housing can withstand any joints or structural gaps through the housing, penetrating into the housing of the internal combustible mixture in the internal explosion without damage.thus achieving the purpose of explosion proof.

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