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Zuoan CCTV system include ATEX explosion proof camera employed on ADNOC LNG vessel


The ADNOC LNG vessels sailing in the worldwide area. These vessels carry LNG(Liquefied natural gas). The client need reliable CCTV system to monitor the vessel situation. As LNG is easy to explode, so the cameras must be explosion proof certificated.

After various researches and our cooperator Radio & Holland’s promote,the client decided to employ the Zuoan stainless steel cameras for the video surveillance on board LNG vessels.
This explosion proof camera is certified ATEX/IECEx Hazardous Location for Class I, Zone 1, Class I, Div. 2 and Class II, Zone 21, Class II Div 2.

Zuoan can respond to all of the hazardous area application demands such like operate in Oil and Gas and offshore/onshore marine industries.,etc

For video, you can visit this Youtube link: